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Unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC for just $5/month.

BackBlaze Unlimited Backup

Back up before you wished you had.

Online backup for your Mac and PC


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Unlimited Cloud Backup

Backblaze is the unlimited company – unlimited data, unlimited file size, unlimited bandwidth. Yes, it’s really unlimited.


All data, regardless of file size, is automatically backed up all the time—unlimited data, unlimited file types, unlimited files sizes, unlimited external hard drives


There’s no need to prioritize files or worry about the amount of backup space your employees need. Unlimited backup eliminates extra steps and assures full business backup.


Backblaze continuously backs up the data on each computer when it’s connected to the Internet. To keep it simple, we backup all data, regardless of where it’s stored and regardless of file size. Our system even transfers files from USB or external drives when they are connected to computers.


Budget an annual expense for backup at
$50 per computer a year and know that every last company file is safe. You won’t find unlimited backup for your business for this price anywhere.


Backblaze optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows and never slowing down Internet or computer speed.


Using military-grade security, your company’s files are encrypted, transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and finally stored at our datacenter that staffs full-time guards.


All of your data is always accessible through a web browser on any device, and with the free Backblaze mobile app, files are also available to download or share from iPhones and iPads.


Select what you need—whether it’s a few files or all of your data—to download over the Internet to any computer for free. Or order a flash drive ($99) or USB hard drive ($189) for delivery via FedEx.


Laptops disappear from airports, taxis, hotels and even conference rooms. You can always restore the lost data with Backblaze, but the “Locate My Computer” function will also detect the IP address, map the location of your computer the next time it’s online, and show the files a thief might be saving—all to help you and the authorities get your computer back. We know of no other online backup company that provides this feature—and it’s free.


Backblaze initially backs up all the data files and then backs up only new or changed files as you work. The initial upload may take some time, but future uploads are incremental and quick because Backblaze simply scans your computers for new and

changed files.

Our system compresses, encrypts and transfers files to our datacen- ter using an automatic throttle to control the bandwidth so that backup doesn’t affect your Internet speed. Backblaze is compatible with Windows and Mac.


At Backblaze, we backup the valuable data that cannot be retrieved if a computer breaks or is lost or stolen. Therefore, we do not backup the operating system, applications, system caches or other temporary information. We focus on documents, photos, email and music, storing versions of your file changes for four weeks.

Technology Services

With over 15 years experience, the BriCom IT team can assist you with all your small business, K-12, and medical technology planning and support.  BriCom Solutions currently works with many local businesses, medical facilities, public safety agencies, and schools providing IT solutions and product procurements.

Services Available:

confused-woman_2651407bIT Managed Services:  Our highly skilled team will help with your hardware and software management, while providing cost saving solutions for your current/future hardware and software procurements.  For just one low flat rate cost, BriCom Solutions will provide you IT support services.  These services include your own dedicated Program Manager and around the clock IT Team who are available 24/7!

– Product training:  Looking for staff training in different software and hardware?  Our team has over a decade of experience in both product and software training including Google Apps, wireless infrastructure, technology planning, and Powerschool.

Small Business Support:  Our highly skilled team makes sure you only have to worry about one thing…..and that is growing your business.  Our SMB support works with you to ensure your business technology needs are met and maintained by providing on-site support, remote support, asset management, network security, and server patching.  Whether it is a user having issues printing or the installation of new hardware, our SMB team can help.

– Cloud Services: Eliminate the need to invest in firewalls or expensive desktops by providing cloud services.  Our team can help you convert to a cloud base desktop or firewall cloud servers.

K-12 Service Support: With over 15yrs experience in the K-12 sector, our K-12 team can help your school with all their technology needs.  Our K-12 team can provide managed services, E-Rate sign-up assistances, Google apps for EDU, wireless infrastructure, network security, online ticket system access, SLA reporting, and more.  We also provide content filtering solutions from Untangled and Cloud based content filter.

For a technology assessment or additional information contact our team –

Google Apps for Business and EDU

twostudentsatcomputer_17As a Google Apps reseller, BriCom can assist you with setting up your Google Apps environment or migrating your current email service to Google Apps.  We provide a huge selection of services for both your business and K-12 environment.

We work closely with schools in conversion to a complete Google enviroment from chrombook/chromebox purchasing to Google classroom setup.

We also provide onsite and custom video training for your staff.

Click for complete features of Google Apps for Work

Click for complete features of Google Apps for Education

Contact our team today for a free assessment of your school or business needs –

Google Apps Pricing
Google Apps – 30GB Storage $5/mo per user ($50/yr per user)
Google Apps – with unlimited storage and Vault $10/mo per user ($120/yr per user)
Google Apps for EDU Free for accredited educational institutes
Google Apps setup
Google Apps (Free) Setup $50.00
Google Apps (Business) Setup $50.00
Google Apps (Education) Setup $330.00
Google Apps (Non-profit) Setup $330.00
Email Migration to Google $20/user/mailbox
Google Apps End User Support
We offer three levels of support:

Level 1 : For 3 Incidents per month. Up to 2 hours of support time.
Level 2: For 8 Incidents per month. Up to 4 hours of support time.
Level 3 : For12 Incidents per month.   Up to 6 hours of support time.

Google Apps for Mobile Setup $29.99
Google Apps SPAM & Virus Setup $160.00
Google Sites Development & Customisation $700.00
Google Apps End User Training Contact us for pricing
Interactive Whiteboards

Looking to turn your business or school’s boring whiteboards into a fun and interactive board?  BriCom Solutions provides multiple solutions to easily and cost affectively transform it to a interactive board.

We provide interactive pens, interactive touch, and complete coffee table interactive touchscreens.

Contact our team to discuss your business or school’s need –

Interactive pens from TiS – TouchACT

Turn any surface into a interactive whiteboard with the TouchACT system using your existing projector!  The TouchACT interactive is an easy to install and easy use system.


Wireless Specialist

Let our experienced wireless technicians help with your next wireless project.

Our wireless team will help your business or school evaluate your current wireless network to determine weak areas and security concerns. We also conduct wireless surveys to roll out an efficient and complete coverage blanket wireless network.

Our wireless services include:

  • Wireless surveys of your site
  • Wireless product procurement
  • In-building wireless coverage
  • Point-to-Point wireless bridge
  • Point-to-multi-point wireless LAN fiber coverage
  • Repair services
  • License and unlicensed services
  • Wireless security

……and many more.

We carry and install wireless products from Ubiquiti.

Contact us for your next wireless project –


IP Voice Services


BriCom Solutions has been providing VoIP products and services since 2009.  Our team provides new system design, support, and solution architecture for upgrading your existing analog system.

We provide complete solutions which include:

• SIP Trucking
• System design
• Hybrid analog/IP integration
• Security integration
• Hosted and onsite solutions

Contact our team today for your custom solutions!


Grandstream – GXP2140

We sell and installation IP Voice & Data products from Grandstream.  Grandstream Networks is a leading manufacturer of innovative IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions.

Each of Grandstreams products deliver:

• Superb sound and picture quality.
• Rich telephony features.
• Full compliance with industry standards.
• Broad interoperability with most service providers and 3rd party SIP based VoIP products.

Grand stream is an excellent choice for your IP voice solution:

• They are the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions!
• Grandstream’s innovative products lower communication costs, increase security protection,  and enhance productivity.
• Open standard SIP-based products offer broad industry interoperability, unrivaled features, flexibility, and price-performance competitiveness.

UCM 1600 Series IP PBX

UCM 1600 Series IP PBX